Silence your head, kill your thoughts or they will end you.

domingo, 28 de febrero de 2016


No quiero que llegue Mañana Hoy esta bien, Hoy Mañana me engaña Me promete mejoria Pero todo sigue siendo igual En cambio de hoy no se espera nada Solo se disfruta, Mañana me entristece Me envuelve y me miente Solo quiero un hoy para siempre, Y no quiero darle mente.

miércoles, 25 de septiembre de 2013


Is it a matter of destiny or fate? Is it because the world made it this way? Is this a consequence I deserve? If we have old lives, am I paying for lost souls? Why some people have it great and others don’t The true mystery of life Some people say you create your own fate Is that the same for kids that grow up with aids? The world is full of injustice I thought you get what you give But this feels unreal Stop giving if you expect to get the same back It won’t happen like that Maybe someday we can learn to not expect Everything and just be grateful for anything But what do we have to grateful for? A life we do not own? That we didn’t ask for? And we don’t know where it comes from?

The Story That I Never Told

I will never tell my kids about you They will never know about that time we created a poem They will never find out about You caring about me for so long I guess they wont ever hear about The way you made me Feel How we talked for hours every day for years No, they won't get to know that even with your mistakes, I loved you to death But that will never come to appear in books or in Hymns Cause It ended.. You never seemed to think It was a Big deal The love that only I feel This connection that felt so real That I thought was stronger than steel But I was wrong and They would never know..

martes, 19 de marzo de 2013


No matter what I do to make you happy You always make me feel crappy Even when It isnt my job to make you feel safe I wish I wasn't born faithless Maybe I learned that from you as well It's like you want others to be just like you Not caring about what they really wanna do Maybe when you're old you've realize what you've done But now, you still think you're the only one whos right at all

viernes, 22 de febrero de 2013

Even If You Don't Stay, I'll be Okay

If you don't stay, know that I won't look your way If you decide to leave, even if it tears me apart I will believe again in someone else If you let me go, I'll understand but I won't hold on I'll erase you and replace you If you think I'll run after you forget it, I wont chase you If you find someone new, just remember I'll do that too If later you come knocking at my door, you'll find an empty house and floors If you come back, please take a few steps back and follow your other track If you never leave me, We'll always stay together even after hard weather Ill always love you, Ill always be true I'll show you what I can do for you If you fight for me, I'll fight back for the only one who showed me how to stick around

sábado, 5 de enero de 2013

They Probably Think Im Crazy

Feeling Like an outsider Lost in my own country from my own reality Somewhere in space I wish they find me here. and take me where I need to be Because It isnt here Is no where around There's no place like the home I belong to Where I won't feel alone And I have someone to hold on Where heartbreakers don't exist And the waters aren't so deep I have no fear, I don't shed tears And you're with me There's no tomorrow Just love ,peace ,joy and Common things I that enjoy That's where I should be going to